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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Esther Reed

Esther Reed by Caroline
All though little is known about Esther Reed, she sewed through fabric and through the hearts of the grateful American soldiers.

Esther Reed had a very pleasant childhood. She was born on October 22, 1746 in London. She had a happy family, and loved to read. She lived in a wonderful house. She married Joseph Reed on May 31, 1770.

Esther Reed played a simple, yet important role in the Revolutionary war. She was the leader of a group called The Ladies Association of Philadelphia. They collected money and made clothes for soldiers. In all she collected $7000, and made 2000 shirts for soldiers.

When she died in 1780, Sarah Franklin Bache took Esther Reed's place, and became the leader of the group. Esther Reed changed the way people saw women. She inspired women to help out in the Revolutionary war.

Esther Reed sewed the clothes of freedom, that the soldiers wore winning the battles, and freedom itself. All though she may not still be with us, Esther Reed taught us that just a little needle and thread can go a long way.


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