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Friday, May 3, 2013

Prudence Wright

Prudence Wright by Lauren

When Revolutionary-era men thought of the word strong, they typically think of women, but Prudence
Wright proved strength comes in many forms.

Very little is known about Prudence Wright's childhood. Wright was born on November
26, 1740. She had two brothers, Samuel and Thomas Cummings. They loved her very much, but
as they grew older she became a Patriot and her brothers became Loyalists.

Wright is best known for a daring act she pursued one night. She and a few friends heard
a British message was coming to Pepperell, Massachusetts. So they put on their husbands
clothes, grabbed some weapons, and hid under the Pewett bridge. Eventually they heard Captain
Whiting and Samuel Cummings. They jumped out, stole the message they were carrying and set
them free on terms that they leave the colony. No one knows what the message said.

Prudence Wright died young, at the age of forty-two in the year of 1824.

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