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Thursday, May 2, 2013

William Dawes

William Dawes by Paige

William Dawes's modesty cost him a place in history and the recognition he deserves.

Little is known about Dawes's childhood, but what is known is positive. In 1745 in Boston, Massachusetts, William Dawes was born to William and Lydia Dawes. He became a
tanner and got married. At his wedding, he wore a suit made entirely in America to show that he was a Patriot.

Dawes's role in the Revolutionary War is not known by many people. Assigned by Dr. Joseph Warren, William Dawes took off on April 18, 1775 for his Midnight ride with Paul Revere. The Midnight ride was a mission to warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock that the British were trying to arrest them. He also warned the militia that the British were coming so
they had time to prepare. Dawes and Revere made it from Boston to Lexington, but Revere soon
got arrested. The British started to chase Dawes. He knew his horse was too tired to run very far,
so he pulled up to a farm house and tricked the British into thinking that he lead them into an

After the war, William Dawes had a peaceful life. Dawes was ordered to join an
expedition against American Indians. Dawes thought this was not necessary, and he refused.
Dawes died in 1799, at age fifty-three. He was buried in his hometown, Boston, soon after his

Though not recognized by many, William Dawes's role in the revolution saved lives, and
helped us win the war.

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