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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Catherine Moore Barry, Everyday Hero

Catherine Moore Barry by Tiffany
Catherine Moore Barry, spy and Patriot message bearer, was known for her heroism in the Battle of Cowpens. She showed that women can help win a battle with out fighting in it.

Little is known about Catherine Moore Barry's childhood. Born on Walnut Grove Manor,
in 1752, she was born to Charles and Mary Moore, and was the eldest of ten children. In 1767,
Moore married Andrew Barry at age fifteen. Moore and Andrew Barry then settled in Spartanburg County,
about two miles from where Catherine was born.

Barry had a significant role in the Battle of Cowpens. When Barry was called by General
Morgan for help against the British Loyalist, Barry quickly agreed. She helped get more soldiers
for Morgans troops. Then, with Barry's help General Morgan laid a trap for their enemy. Later
on, Morgan won the battle.

After the battle, Barry was known as Kate Barry. In 1823 Barry died. She was buried in a
family cemetery, next to her husband, Andrew.

Though little is know about Catherine Moore Barry's life after the Revolution , her
devotion to the Battle of Cowpens should be recognized more.

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