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Friday, April 26, 2013

Sarah Franklin Bache, Patriot

Sarah Franklin Bache by Hailey

Although not many people know Benjamin Franklin had a daughter, Sarah Franklin
Bache was just as powerful with the needle as her father was with the pencil.

There is not much known about Bache's childhood, but from the little that is known, it
appears to have been positive. Around the age of six or seven, Bache was told that she was a very
talented harpsichordist. Bache had always loved music and reading, ever since she was a little
child. Around that time, people also called her by her nickname, Sally. Bache was born on
October 11, 1743 in Philadelphia. Thirty four years later, in 1767 on October 29, Bache got
married to a man named Richard Bache.

Bache was an ardent Patriot, and because of that, she helped the Continental Army. Bache
was apart of a women's society called the Ladies Association of Philadelphia. The leader of the
organization, was Esther Reed. After Esther Reed died, Sarah Franklin Bache became the head of
the union in 1780. She and a few other women began collecting money, and then donating it to
the Continental Army. Also, they made two thousand two hundred garments for the Patriot army
during the winter.

After the Revolutionary War, Sarah Bache led a peaceful and ordinary life. She had eight
children and named most of them after some of her family members. During 1785 or 1786, her
father, Benjamin Franklin, died. In 1794, she and her family moved to a farm in Pennsylvania.
Bache died on October 5, 1808.

Sarah Franklin Bache was a one of a kind woman, and because of her warm heart, she
made her small acts make a difference.

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