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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lord Dunmore's Ethiopian Regiment

Lord Dunmore's Ethiopian Regiment by Sophia C.

Nowadays, people of all skin colors fight in wars, but it wasn't always that way.
Lord Dunmore's Ethiopian Regiment was formed by slaves from the south, who had heard of Dunmore's offer of freedom to fight for him. Participants were from Virginia, Georgia and South Carolina. Every bit of The Regiment was made up of run-away slaves. The Ethiopian Regiment was the first black regiment. It was founded in 1775. 

The Regiment only had two known battles of their very own. Their first battle was a complete success. It took place at Kemp's Landing. Their second battle, which took place at The Great Bridge, they lost easily. The first reason for this, was that Lord Dunmore had gotten a bit over confident about his first success, so he never should have tried to tackle the second battle. The second reason for this was that there was a spy who had been sent by The Enemy (the Patriots), and conveyed false information about the other side to Lord Dunmore and his Regiment. Though they fought in these two battles, the regiment's main purpose was foraging for things such as food.
All that is known of Dunmore's Regiment afterward is that they disbanded in the middle of the war. When this happened, most of the participants became Black Pioneers in New York. The Black Pioneers was a Regiment built by African Americans during the Revolutionary War. 

After the war, the participants scattered and ran-away, because they were afraid of getting re enslaved by their previous masters. Because this was the first black regiment to fight, they started a trend, and then a lot of black regiments began to fight, such as The a Bucks of America.
Though this was just one regiment, filled with only so many people, it left an imprint on the nation, and not only that, that would last forever. Each and every one of these people were incredibly brave, whatever side they were on. 

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