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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lemuel Haynes, Minuteman and Theologian

Lemuel Haynes by Annie

Lemuel Haynes played a important part in the Revolutionary War, but he was also revolutionary, himself.

Little is known about Lemuel Haynes's childhood, but what we do know is that it was very difficult from the start. Born on July 18, 1753 in West Hartford, Connecticut to a white mother and black father, his father abandoned him when he was a newborn. His mother gave him up to the Indentured Servitude of Granville, Massachusetts at the age of five months. He learned
to read and write when he was very young and he particularly liked reading the Bible as well as books on theology.

Lemuel Haynes had a mostly unknown but important role in the Revolutionary War. Haynes joined the minutemen of Granville, Massachusetts at the age of twenty one right after his
indentured servitude ended. During the war, Haynes decided to write poetry and essays about
freedom. Haynes wrote a essay called Liberty Further Extended . He also marched with the
militia of Granville and fought in the Battle of Lexington. Then, in 1776, he joined the Granville
Militia in capturing Fort Ticonderoga.

Lemuel Haynes's life after the war was a pleasant one. Since his owner was wealthy he
Haynes received a decent education he was able to do more than other people in his situation.
Haynes turned down the opportunity to study at Dartmouth University and decided to Latin and
Greek with clergymen in Connecticut, He received a license to preach. In the 1780's, he became
a minister in Vermont. Then he, married a white school teacher, Elizabeth Babbitt and they had
ten children and moved to South Granville, New York so he could become a preacher, which he
was for the last eleven years of his life. Haynes died on September 28 1833.

Lemuel Haynes made a great difference in a great many battles. Haynes achieved a lot of
things people like him wish they had the chance to accomplish. People also didn't know where to
go after being a indentured servant but Lemuel Haynes used the little education he received. He
also learned about himself after getting the education he wanted he found that he had a love of
theology and the Bible so he followed that love and decided to become a minister. Lemuel
Haynes knew want he wanted to do and did it he was motivated and determined and he should be
recognized far more than he is today.

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