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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Richard Allen, Founding Father

Richard Allen by Abby M.
Richard Allen by Abby M.

Richard Allen may not have fought in the Revolutionary War, but he did have a Revolutionary life as one of America's Black Founders.

Richard Allen had many hardships in his life, but as he grew older he overcame his challenges. Allen was born a slave and was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1760. His owner, Benjamin Chew, had financial trouble and had to sell
Richard and his family to Stokeley Sturgis. When slaves went to church, they had to sit next to their owner and this is exactly what Allen did. What Benjamin Chew and Stokeley Sturgis didn't know is that soon Allen would be founding a church.

Allen was very religious from the beginning to the end of his free life. After he bought himself out of slavery, he opened his first American Methodist Church in 1794 and a while after that he was elected Bishop of the church. He was revolutionary at the time because he allowed blacks and whites into his church to worship. Allen was a different religion when he was a boy and a slave, but he changed to Christian. Allen died still founding the
church he was bishop of in 1831.

Richard Allen helped many people and had many accomplishments in his life. This summary of his life is to let his legend live on.

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