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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Daughters of Liberty, Superheroes

Daughters of Liberty by Anais B.
Tough is a word usually associated with men, but it can be easily associated with the Daughters of Liberty. Much like superheroes, they did a lot for America with little recognition.

Important figures in the Daughters of Liberty included Abigail Adams, Deborah Sampson, and Sarah Franklin Bache. They were proud Patriots and did not hesitate to volunteer to find a way to serve in the Revolutionary War. The Daughters of Liberty did not support the English and protested the use of
taxes on British goods by boycotting all British goods, such as tea.

Right when the war began, The Daughters of Liberty started a society with strong plans and opinions.They had an active and important role in the Revolutionary War. They wore red,
white, blue, and flag shaped buckles on their shoes to remind others that they were Patriots. The Daughters of Liberty held massive boycotts of British goods and protested the use of taxes. Instead of buying items, The Daughters made their own clothing, tea and food. They also stopped merchants from hoarding and overpricing goods. In 1777, one hundred women forced a
merchant that was hoarding coffee, to hand over his keys to his warehouse. The women stocked
their wagon with coffee and marched off because he was not being a fair merchant. Sometimes a
protest was unplanned, for example, one girl, Susan Boudinot, when visiting the royal governor
of New Jersey, was offered a cup of tea. She accepted the drink and put it to her mouth.
However, she suddenly realized she was about to drink British tea, then curtsied and tossed it out
the window.

The Daughters of Liberty's existence was tied to the war; once the war ended so did they.
The challenge they faced had been resolved. Most of the women lived for another twenty years.
Deborah Sampson continued to fight for patriotic causes and Abigail Adams lived a full active
life after the war being First Lady and writing many books.

Even though The Daughters of Liberty are long gone, their cause lives on. Like any
superhero, the Daughters of Liberty will be back when their country needs them most.

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