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Friday, April 26, 2013

Rachel and Grace Martin, Everyday Heroes

Rachel and Grace Martin by Elena Riel

Rachel and Grace Martin are two women who risked their lives for America's

There is very little information about sister-in-laws Rachel and Grace Martin,
but we do know that they were raised in South Carolina. Grace's father, Benjamin
Waring, and Rachel's father, Henry Clay, both fought in the Revolutionary War. When
Grace was fourteen, she married William Martin. Grace Waring's father, Benjamin
Waring, was one of the earliest settlers of Columbia, South Carolina. Rachel did not have
any children but Grace gave birth to three children.

Rachel and Grace Martin risked their lives to serve their country. Their husbands
were fighting in the Revolutionary War. Dressed up in their husbands clothes Rachel and Grace
Martin hid in a bush where two british soldiers were passing by with an important dispatch. they
had guns from their husbands and took the two British soldiers off guard. They took hold of the
dispatch and delivered it to General Greene . That night the same soldiers stayed overnight in the
Martin's house and left in the morning. The soldiers questioned them if they saw two men with a
dispatch. The soldiers never knew they were the ones who stopped the dispatch.
After the war ended, women still didn't have the same rights as men. The American
government found out what Rachel and Grace did and it encouraged other women to do brave
acts. The plot was the only big accomplishment they had and after the war they settled down.
Both their husbands died fighting in the war.

Rachel and Grace Martin showed other women that they do deserve rights. They
deserve to be admired because they were strong and brave to go on such an audacious mission

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